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January Fast

As we spend time each week fasting this month of January, there are some specific things we can believe for and appropriate by faith in God’s Word.

Isaiah 58:6-9 is very clear about the rewards of the fast. As we give ourselves to fasting and prayer this month, may the Lord speak to your hearts very specifically and clearly about His dealings and the move of His Spirit in our lives for this year.

Here are four specific areas we are believing God for this new year:

1. The great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God.

2. The return of the backslidden believer to right fellowship with God.

3. The image of Christ being formed in the hearts of the Church in preparation for Jesus’ return.

4. Father, what is YOUR VISION for my heart, life, marriage, and my family this year?

We are fasting one day a week (we pick Wednesday because the Word is preached that evening and we can receive from the Word - but please fast on the day that works for you) in order to put ourselves in an even better position to hear God’s heart and obey it. Fasting helps us sharpen ourselves spiritually as well as focus on what God is speaking to us by His Spirit through His Word.

Thank you for joining us in this special time. We believe you will be blessed by this committed time to give yourself to fasting and prayer. And the days and months ahead will be the blessings and fulfillment of God's perfect will, plan, and purpose for your life and your family.  


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