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Sunday Morning 10:00am June 30, 2024

Rev. Kirk DuBois was saved in 1971 as a teenager during the “Jesus Movement” in San Diego, California, and delivered from drugs and the occult.  He was involved in “street ministry,” sharing his testimony and preaching the Gospel on the streets and beaches of Southern California, in correctional institutions, rescue missions, home Bible study groups, and churches.

Kirk and his wife, Pat, have been married since 1979 and have two daughters and seven grandchildren. 

He has worked with youth and singles groups in Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, and Assembly of God churches and from 1985 to 1990 he was the assistant School of the Bible teacher for the Singles 18-25 class at RHEMA Bible Church.


He graduated from the Assemblies of God Global University  in 1985 and from RHEMA Bible Training Center in 1991.

Rev. DuBois has been on staff at  since 1982, and started at Rhema Bible Training College  in 1999.  He has also ministered in "Healing School" at Rhema, and takes student mission teams to various countries.


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Kirk DuBois

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