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Pastor's July 2024 Letter

We love you,

Pastor Ron and Betsy

Dear Beloved of Faith Family Fellowship,


Greetings in the Name of the Lord.  This month we will continue our study of Psalm One.

 Psalm One.

          Last month we looked at the categories Psalm One is broken down into and the three classes of unbelievers.  This month let’s look at five conditions with promise in verse 1 and 2 that must be met.  They are:

            1. Walketh--- This is our vital position – our outward life and conduct.

            2. Standeth--- This is our present position- our being established in the present Truth- an attitude and position of Authority.

            3. Sitteth --- This is our legal position - our legal position seated in Christ - an attitude and position of security and confidence.

            4. Delight --- Our supreme desire is in God’s Word. It is the authority of our lives.

            5. Meditate --- God’s Word is to renew our minds and govern our actions

            In verse three have the end results of meeting these five conditions:


  2.        We shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water. This points to the root system in.  The first thing that happens is that the roots go down deep. This speaks of stability. 

      Then secondly the tree begins to bear fruit.  This speaks of a productive Christian life before God and man. 

  1. The next result is that whatever we do shall prosper. This points to all areas of our lives as we walk in God’s counsel (His Word) by the Holy Spirit leading by faith. Then finally in verses 4-6 we see that the ungodly are not like the righteous. They are like the chaff which speaks of their instability. Their way which is contrary to God’s way shall perish. Thus they produce a fruitless, unproductive and useless life without God.

           As you meditate on Psalm One see yourself as the righteous walking in the counsel of God. Walking in the revelation                  knowledge of His Word by the power of the Holy Spirit in faith.


            You will begin to see your life is like that tree planted by the rivers of water. Your root-system is founded deep in God’s              Word. Therefore you will walk in God’s counsel in stability and security with authority and confidence bearing fruit and                    prospering in all you set your hand to.  Praise God!








  1. Happiness: is outward or external.             








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