Faith Family Fellowship

"People Building Relationships Through Fellowship"


I.          VISION STATEMENT -  I John 1:3

Our purpose is to build up a church family of believers who are equipped with the Holy Spirit and God’s Word to take their place of ministry and service through relationship and fellowship with God and with one another and who reach out as an extension of Gods love and grace to the people around them.



People Building Relationship’s Through Fellowship”




A.     THE GENERAL VISION - Corporate and Collective


1.      To provide an environment of love from which grows a sense of belonging, acceptance, and significance as we build relationship’s through fellowship.


2.      To create an atmosphere of spiritual growth in discovering our calling, gifts, and abilities and in a practical way reaching out to minister to those in our community.


3.   To cultivate relationship and fellowship so that our ministry and service in the local church and the community reaches its greatest potential.


B.      THE SPECIFIC VISION - Personal and Practical


1.God has given a calling, gifts, and abilities to each believer to equip them  for the purpose of ministry and service to others.  Therefore through relationship and fellowship they fulfill, in a unique way, God’s vision for their lives.


2.Therefore the vision of Faith Family Fellowship is to be accomplished by our building relationship’s of loving trust and commitment through our fellowship with one another and outreach to others.


Scripture References -

a.      I Corinthians 12:12-28

b.      Romans 12:4-8

c.      Ephesians 4:7 v.12(Amplified), v.15-16

d.      I Peter 4:10-11 


III.                  MISSION STATEMENT -


To glorify God by obeying God’s Word and fulfilling the great commission through evangelizing the unsaved and discipline the saved.


A.     DEFINING THE MISSION - This is how we accomplish the vision.


1.      The Great Commission - reaching the lost through personal evangelism/witnessing-

a.      Mark 16-15-20

b.      Acts 1:8


2.      Ambassadors/Ministry of Reconciliation -

a.      II Corinthians 5:18 - 20

b.      Matthew 5:13 - 16


3.      Discipleship-

a.      Matthew 28:18 - 20

b.      II Timothy 2:2




First Order Priority - Relationship with God


a.      The first order and priority in life as a believer is to know God personally.  To know Him and His will progressively through God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.  Our relationship with God is built through our ongoing fellowship with Him.

b.      Connected with the first priority of our relationship with God is to know who we are in Him.  Through this we learn who we are and what we are here for and where we are going.  All that God created us to be and called us to do comes out from our relationship with Him.  Therefore without that place of fellowship with God for our personal growth and development every other relationship listed below will be less effective.


Second Order Priority - Relationship with Husband and Wife

Third Order Priority - Relationship with Parent and Child

Fourth Order Priority - Relationship with Employer and Employee

Fifth Order Priority - Relationship with the Local Church





A.     The Systematic teaching of God’s Word-Personal and Corporate

B.     The Ministry and Work of the Holy Spirit-Personal and Corporate

C.    Prayer-Personal and Corporate

D.    Praise and Worship-Personal and Corporate

E.     Social Fellowship-Church/Community


Scripture References -

1.      Acts 2:42 - 47

2.      Acts 5:42

3.      Acts 20:20

4.      Hebrews 10:24 - 25

5.      Ephesians 4:12,16


A.     Church Ministry Activities -

1.      Church Services

2.      Men’s and Women’s Home Fellowships

3.      Faith Family Fellowship Monthly Dinners

4.      Men’s and Women’s Weekends

5.      Marriage Encounters

6.      Adult Fellowships

7.      Vacation Bible School

8.      Youth Functions

9.      College and Career Functions

10.    Tape/CD Ministry

11.    Church Newsletter


B.     Church Ministry Outreaches -

1.   World Ministry Fellowship International Mission - Monthly

2.      Charles Rogers - Missionary - Monthly

3.      Lawton Food Bank - Monthly

4.      Teen Challenge

5.      Pregnancy Resource Center - Monthly

6.      Christian Family Counseling Center - Monthly

7.      Lawton Police Officers - Monthly

8.      Veterans Center - as scheduled



VI.               FULFILLING THE VISION - I Corinthians 1:10


a.      Receive The Vision

b.      Believe In The Vision

c.      Live Out The Vision-Progressive-Habakkuk 2:2-3

d.      Share The Vision With Others-By Word And Lifestyle




1.      “FAITH”-“The foundation of our faith is based upon our relationship with God through the Person and work of Jesus Christ.”

2.      “FAMILY”-“We are the household of faith.  The family of God in the earth relating to one another in fellowship through personal relationships.”

3.      “FELLOWSHIP”-“This is the spirit of our covenant relationships with one another.  Together building relationships through fellowship.”




Chris Tomlin (Passion: Awakening (Deluxe Edition))
"Awakening". Music and Words by Chris Tomlin and Reuben Morgan, Copyright (c) 2010 Songs/sisteps Music/Vamos Publishing/Hillsong Publishing (ASCAP)
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